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  • Roxann Linton: Service is her business

    All Woman Features

    I was meeting her for the first time, and I was immediately struck by her aura, which radiated pure authenticity. Her warm, unaffected manner belied the significant role she plays in the financial sector. Roxann Linton is eff ...

  • Bryan Cummings

    Dr Charah Watson Francis’ chemistry

    All Woman Features

    SHE makes it her point of duty to always be creative and multidimensional within her discipline. Dr Charah Watson Francis, 33, is the chemist behind Kihara Cosmetics, a premium line of all-natural hair, skin and nail beauty solu ...

  • When baby wreaks havoc

    All Woman Features

    Traditionally, a baby is supposed to signal a couple’s bond, but unfortunately, today some people use babies as traps or tools to break couples apart. This includes instances where women on the side use children to trap m ...

  • .

    Janelle Walker: Volunteer math teacher

    All Woman Features

    BEING the first student from her high school to achieve nine grade ones in one sitting of the CSEC examinations, 22-year-old Janelle Walker is held in high esteem at her alma mater, Camperdown High. And when she impressed again ...

  • Lionel Rookwood

    Nadeen Matthews: A global leader

    All Woman Features

    NADEEN Matthews is a creative, solutions-oriented woman who believes in dreaming big and being open for change. Matthews, 37, said such beliefs were nurtured after she left Jamaica for New York at age 11. While in junior high s ...

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